Industrial heat pumps

Industrial heat pumps

Heat pumps genuinely lower energy consumption and energy costs in industrial fields because they utilise already bought energy or free energy from the nature. Heat pumps reduce risks related to energy prices since there is less need to buy energy while also saving money and the environment.

The tailored industrial heat pumps of Finess are solutions optimised for each location. Because of that it is possible to achieve various benefits with them in acquisition phase and also in long-term usage and maintenance.

Technical information

  • Heat production: 85–120 °C maximum
  • Heating capacity: 100–5 000 kW
  • Equipment are dimensioned and tailored according to the location
  • Modern low GWP value refrigerants: R1234ze, R450a, R513a, R717
  • Large selection of supplies: compressors with frequency inverters, subcooler solutions, electric measurement, energy measurement, remote control and monitoring
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Compact ready to install packages
  • Industrially manufactured and tested at the factory
  • Turnkey delivered, commissioning during one business day
  • Modular structure allows easy and secure tailoring according to customers’ needs
  • Safe usage: all equipment and refrigerants are in a separate ventilated box


Optimisation of operation and monitoring
  • Control and monitoring integrated into customer’s systems
  • Real-time tracking and remote connections
  • Optimisation of programs according to customer’s usage profile
  • Monitoring and control also part of the maintenance service
Best energy efficient solutions
  • High-quality industrial compressors
  • High-quality and efficient spare part- and maintenance services taken into account in the selection of components
  • Energy efficient motors and pumps
  • Optimised usages of frequency inverter
Fast maintenance service
  • Domestic manufacturer with experience of over 200 plants
  • Maintenance on-call service 24/7 in original country and it covers remote control services
  • Maintenance contracts tailored for needs
  • Fast spare part deliveries from the warehouse of the factory
Heat, Eng

Heat pumps have broad operating and efficiency areas and huge savings

Heat pump increases the temperature of the energy source on the level that process, heating circuit or domestic water requires. Heat pumps are designed from the basis of the process or customer to produce heat with best possible annual efficiency. Heat pump’s typical COP (coefficient of performance) value is 3-6 which means that a heat pump can reduce the amount of bought energy by 80%. The saved energy is also renewable energy that doesn’t produce carbon emissions.

The achieved temperature modern heat pumps can reach can be over 100 °C and with high-temperature heat pumps even 160 °C. Modular structure allows installation ready packages with large power range of 0,1–10 MW.


Countless of sources of renewable energy

Heat pump can utilise various low temperature energy sources that would be otherwise hard to use.

Examples of energy sources:

  • Condensate heat from coolers
  • Process cooling water from or process liquid
  • Waste water
  • Exhaust air or gas
  • Water body or soil
  • Flue gases

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