We deliver high-quality and durable systems to industry and real estate. Our expertise includes e.g. wastewater and process heat recovery systems, heating and cooling systems, systems for steam production and clean steam production, and water treatment systems.

We implement the systems as turnkey solutions, including everything from initial mapping to commissioning and maintenance. Discover our energy-efficient systems below.

Wastewater heat recovery
Process heat recovery
Heating systems
Cooling systems
Steam and clean steam production
Water treatment
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Solutions optimized for the conditions ensure the realization of energy goals

We design energy systems based on the customer’s goals and prevailing operating conditions. By taking into account the existing equipment, systems and energy flows, we are able to create systems where the efficiency of the equipment and energy use are optimal and the customer’s benefit is as great as possible.

We use generally accepted calculation methods and values to create the plans, and our calculations produce reliable information on the development of the customer’s energy consumption and energy costs. This helps the customer in the development of energy technical systems now and in the future.

Finess Energy

Our services 

  • Planning and consulting
  • Motiva energy reviews
  • Installations and commissioning
  • Service and maintenance
  • Remote control and monitoring
  • Savings-Leasing financing of energy investments
  • Smart energy investment ESCO

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