According to our experience, equipment purchases for industry and real estate are successful when they are planned according to the operating conditions. Important factors are, for example, available space and already existing systems and energy flows. Understanding the whole circumstance is important in planning functional and profitable solutions. It also helps us bring in factors related to energy use that the customer does not recognize himself.

We design realistic equipment solutions suitable for the operating conditions. In addition to specialized expertise in the energy sector, our experts have versatile practical experience in the installation, applications and use of industrial equipment, which ensures the success of the project.

Equipment selection

As our customer, you can trust that the equipment we deliver will produce the promised results, because we design solutions based on extensive energy know-how and practical experience. We use generally accepted calculation methods in planning, e.g. Motiva calculations. There are two Motiva energy auditors in our team.

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Electric steam and water boilers
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Heat pumps
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Steam generators
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Air handling equipment
Heat exchangers
Water coolers
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The goal is the realization of energy goals now and in the future

The choice of equipment for industries and real estate is influenced by energy efficiency, payback period and profitability. By designing solutions based on operating conditions and the energy ecosystem, and by supplementing the systems with modern control technologies and additional devices, we ensure the best possible efficiency and profitability.

We use only energy-efficient and tried-and-tested devices and components in our solutions. We design solutions to meet the requirements of increasing energy efficiency and minimizing environmental load now and in the future.

The superiority factors of our devices are:

  • pioneering in its field
  • uncompromising quality
  • flexible design according to customer needs
  • security of delivery
  • comprehensive maintenance and service support

Our devices are used in many industries and for numerous purposes. We constantly develop our equipment and service selection according to the needs we identify and the feedback we receive.

Are you interested in our energy solutions? We are happy to discuss your needs and plan the optimal solution. Contact our experts or fill out the form and we will contact you:

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